Considered as one of the most used social media platforms, it is only natural that marketers are interested to know how Instagram’s most recent algorithm changes will affect the marketing and advertising industry. We have taken a look at two changes that have been implemented to determine the outcome it will have on Instagram advertising


Removal of Like Count

A lot has changed recently within the world of Instagram, with the most recent changes having shocked the nation with the removal of visible likes for all users within particular countries. The countries that have been affected so far by this change includes Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and Brazil. Whilst you can still like instagram posts as per usual, Instagram has hidden the number of likes from the audience’s view, with the specific number only visible to the owner of that account. So what does this mean for businesses and those individuals who use Instagram for work purposes or for a monetary benefit? Well it is hard to say exactly as it is still early days as the change was only rolled out on the 18th of July 2019. What we can predict though is that it will be harder for the audience to determine the relationship between a user and their audience (engagement) as typically we would look at the ratio between the number of follows the account has and the average amount of likes they receive. Although people are worried about how it will impact Influencer Marketing, as for Instagram advertising, it should not have a detrimental effect within this aspect of the platform as it is not crucial for users to view the amount of likes in order to be engaged with the ad. 


Shadow Banning 

So what exactly is Shadow Banning? Well, let us explain. Shadow banning is where a user’s content on social media sites is blocked but the user isn’t aware. In regards to Instagram, if you are shadow banned, it means that your content will not appear on anyone else’s feed (such as the popular feed) unless they are already following you. 

But how does one become shadow banned? Although Instagram hasn’t publicly admitted to the ‘shadow banning’ dilemma, it is commonly known that it is Instagram’s way of filtering out the accounts who do not comply with their terms and conditions. Essentially, Instagram are known to shadow ban accounts who have used unaccepted ways of growing their following (such as by purchasing followers / likes, using automated bots or spamming their content with over 30 hashtags). 

If you think you may be shadow banned, test it through the use of hashtags. Select a hashtag that is not commonly used and is easy to track. Publish a post that uses that hashtag and get a handful of users who do not follow you to search that hashtag. If your content appears, then you are not shadow banned, however, if they cannot find your post, well unfortunately it does mean that there is a high chance that you have been shadow banned. If you find yourself in the situation of being shadow banned, to remove the ban, you need to remove the reasons as to why you were banned in the first place. It is quite simple in the fact that if you have once used automated bots, remove them. If you have used banned hashtags, delete them from your copy. If you find that these solutions aren’t working, people have suggested to take a 48-hour break from the app as it has been known to reset the system. If all else fails, reach out to Instagram’s help desk. 


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