There comes a time when you experience a problem on your computer and laptop and no amount of YouTube tutorials will help you solve it. Your only option left is to drop it off at a repair service and cross your fingers that you won’t get a phone call saying your laptop is irreparable. But, before you Google the best laptop repair in NZ, here are some important questions to ask a computer repair service to ensure that they’re reputable, trustworthy and honest about the pricing. 

  1. How much do you charge?

This seems like an absolute no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to ask it. When your laptop suddenly goes black and you rush to a computer service, you’re in shock. You don’t want any surprises when you arrive to pick up your laptop. Discuss the price beforehand and gauge whether it’s appropriate for the issue. Service repairers can charge between AU$50 to AU$100 depending on the problem.


  1. How many billable hours will this issue take?

Aside from asking how much the whole ordeal will cost, make sure you get an estimate of how many hours of work it will take to fix the issue. This will help you realise the extent of work required and how much you can expect to be charged. 


  1. Is there a minimum charge?

Some repair services have a minimum charge, so even if your issue is minute, you may be confronted with a higher cost because of the minimum charge condition. 


  1. How will you fix it?

Although you aren’t a technician yourself, you have every right to ask about what’s wrong and how they’ll go about fixing it. Make sure they take the time to discuss the issue and how they will solve it. 

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  1. Will there be any data loss?

Although most of us have our information backed up on the cloud, it’s a safe question to ask. No matter what the issue is, losing your data in the repair process is inconvenient. Before you leave the premises, ask if there will be any data loss so you can be prepared no matter the issue. 


  1. Will there be any other charges to account for?

More likely than note, you will only be billed at the hourly rate but after diagnosis, your technician might add in other costs. Avoid being sidelined when you decide to come to pick up your laptop by asking about external costs. 

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