It is no word of a lie that social media marketing is one of, if not the biggest marketing platforms that digital marketers are using within our current era. According to Statista, 77% of Americans alone have at least one account on a social media platform, with there being over 3.7 billion social media users worldwide. These statistics alone demonstrate the importance behind using social media in your marketing campaigns as the numbers speak for themselves. 


Micro Influencer Marketing 

By now we should all be aware of Influencer Marketing, especially because of how big it has grown in such a small period of time. To put things into perspective, Instagram alone has grown from only having 100 million followers in 2013 to now having 1 billion followers just 6 years later. Just 3 short years ago most of us had no clue or would have only just heard about the term ‘influencer marketing’ without having given it much thought, however Google searches for Influencer Marketing grew by 1500% in just 3 years… crazy. 

Well now there is a new trend and it’s known as Micro Influencer Marketing. Due to the significant growth Influencer Marketing has seen, it should come as no surprise that this area of marketing can be quite costly to implement, with ‘D – Listed’ Influencers charging as much as $10,000 an Instagram post (and these are influencers who only have around 500k followers which is deemed as not a lot these days). Digital Marketers have started looking towards those influencers who have a smaller following, charge lower costs AND have higher engagement rates (it sounds like a win-win). When it comes to Influencer Marketing the mistake that is often made is that marketers look for large amounts of followers however that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. The metric that needs to be analysed is the engagement rate. At the end of the day the reason why Influencer Marketing has grown the way it has is because the audience feel connected to the Influencer and trust their opinions. So, if your influencer has a higher engagement rate but lower following, you are more lively to convert or obtain more leads as there are more people trusting their opinion rather than just following them for the sake of it. 


Ephemeral vs. Permanent Social Media Marketing Trend

When it comes to social media marketing there are two types: ephemeral and permanent. Think of it this way, ephemeral has a short life span (they expire) whilst permanent is explained within the name as this type of content lasts and can be viewed at any given point. To put it into context, ephemeral are things such as instagram and facebook stories and snapchat videos whilst permanent content are instagram posts, facebook posts or perhaps a youtube video. 

As a digital marketer it is important to consider both types as they provide different benefits. Ephemeral marketing is much more playful and light hearted and can show a businesses’ personality and fun side whilst Permanent is more suited for the brand voice and look that they are wanting to portray. If a business incorporates both aspects into their social media marketing strategy it will allow them to resonate stronger with their audience and connect on a deeper level. 


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