With the rise of boutique, stand-alone stores, some people may think that the days of shopping malls are over. However, before you make up your mind on this topic, read this article containing 4 reasons why you should still go to your nearest shopping mall

One-Stop Place for All Your Needs 

The modern New Zealander lives a more fast-paced lifestyle than previous generations. You may only have several hours to get all errands done, whether they be going to the post office, buying a new blazer, grabbing some cooking ingredients, eating out, or watching a movie at the cinema. All those needs can be fulfilled by just going to a single place, the shopping mall. You are able to hit two birds, or more, with one stone! 

More Parking Availabilities 

Most stand-alone stores provide only a handful of parking spots. This could be a problem, especially during rush hours. Most shopping malls provide hundreds if not thousands of parking spots available for customers, which makes life easier for you. 

A Place for All Ages

Maybe you are a parent of a super active 4-year old child, but you still want to relax and enjoy your weekend. What easier way to do just that than to go to a shopping mall, drop your kids at a play park, or maybe enjoy a fun family event together. This way, you’re still able to go out and joy the mall with your family. 

Enjoy the Experience 

Some shopping malls bring in singers and other celebrities to perform during special occasions. Most of the time, this is free for visitors and shoppers. This means that not only can you finish errands all in one place, but you can also enjoy free entertainment as you shop. 

Take Advantage of Promotions and Discounts

Especially during special holidays, shopping malls hold massive promotions and discounts that you can use to your advantage when shopping for new items during the holiday season. Normally, this is the best time of the year to shop for new items. 

Anything else? 

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