With so many skincare products out there, have you ever wondered why taking care of your skin really matters? The most famous benefit of good skin is its good looks and aesthetics. However, there are less-known practical benefits of nurturing your skin that is beneficial to your survival. Curious to find out more? Read on as we list down 4 reasons why your skin matters. 

Skin Acts as Protective Barriers 

The outer layer of skin acts as our first line of defence against germs, bacterias, larger substances, and dirt. They protect our bodies from external substances that are not supposed to enter the barrier. If your outer skin is damaged and unwanted substances managed to enter, the consequences of this may include inflammation, dryness, and itchiness. Therefore, after strenuous activities or exposure to less hygienic environments, it is important to cleanse your skin. 

Skin Regulates Body Temperature 

When the external temperature drops or rises, your skin is able to adjust the size of your pores to adapt to the situation. For example, when you feel cold, your pores become smaller to minimise the amount of cold air entering your skin. Contrastingly, when you feel hot, your pores enlarge to allow as much air to enter your body and allow the release of sweat, which takes a bit of the heat with it. 

However, keep in mind that the easiest way to make sure your body temperature is at an optimal level is to wear clothing suitable for the weather. Wear a jacket or coat when you feel cold, and wear less clothing when the weather is warm. 

Skin Lets Us Feel Sensations

Feeling different sensations, such as touch, pain, pleasure, and others, is a big part of our life as humans. With many nerve endings piled just underneath the skin, we are able to feel the different sensations that are useful for survival. A good example of this is when you accidentally burned your skin while cooking. If not for the pain, you may not realise to retract your arm and avoid hurting yourself. 

Skin Protects Our Organs from UV Rays 

The hot rays of the sun are more than capable to burn any organic surface it encounters. Our skin acts as the first line of protection for our organs and internal membranes. However, keep in mind that we need to pay special attention to making sure that the skin is not badly burnt as well by using adequate sunscreen. 

Another way to take care of your skin is to sign up for a skin treatment, which could take the forms of dermaplanning Auckland, chemical peel Auckland, facials Auckland, or medi facial. Whatever it is that you choose, the treatment should be simple and research-based.