Are you looking to tan under the sun and get fit at the same time? Well, going for an outdoor workout in summertime hits two birds with one stone! To level up your outdoor workout experience, we have 5 tips to try out. 

Exercise Early or Later in the Day 

Exercising right in the middle of the day may cause more pain than gain for your skin. This is because, the sun emits the highest levels of UV rays at around 12 to 2 pm, which may lead to severe sunburn, depending on the skin type. To stay safe, simply work out anytime before or after that period of time.

Pay Attention to Your Hydration 

Especially in hot and humid conditions, you tend to lose a lot more water from the body. If left untreated, you may experience extreme fatigue or dizziness, which is why it’s important to have a bottle of water nearby and hydrate regularly. It doesn’t have to be mineral water, but it can also be isotonic water, coconut juice, or hydration gels. Choose which option suits you best. 

Cool Down in The Water

After getting the heart rate elevated and sweating bullets, cooling down is the best thing to do. Especially if you work out near the ocean or the beach, feel free to jump into the water and do some stretching or small movements. This will surely regulate your body temperature back to its resting state. 

Mix it Up

There are multiple types of exercises that you can do outdoors. Feel free to give them a go and experiment as you like. This will be beneficial for the body, as the different stimuli will trigger different muscle groups and movement patterns that will improve your overall fitness and daily life. Try hiking, swimming, playing volleyball, doing high-intensity circuits, or just going for a brisk walk by the beach. Your options are endless! 

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

The outdoors can be unpredictable at times. From sudden rain, hail, strong winds, to tsunamis, landslides, and other natural occurrences, being prepared for the outdoors is essential. Make sure to wear the right kind of gear for specific weather conditions, such as hiking gear and jacket for hiking, board or swim shorts for swimming, and sunglasses to protect the eyes. The list goes on, but you get the idea. 

What’s Next? 

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