The industrial packaging business has flourished like never before, with the rise of many e-commerce and stores alike. Many would disregard the importance of bagging as they would tend to focus on the goods themselves. However, this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the goods themselves would be ruined without proper bag packaging. So, the question is, how much does bagging machinery cost and what are the categories? This article will provide you with the necessary information regarding bagging costs and their varieties.

Manual Bagging Machinery

Bagging machinery has considerable costs based on the class of the machinery. The first in line is the manual bagging machinery. This bagging machinery would cost around $10.000 to $40.000. As the name suggests, this bagging machinery works manually in some ways. This machine is a semi-automatic device that fills and seals the bag manually with an electronic footswitch. Even though it is classified as a semi-automatic machine, it would still need the intervention of people to activate it. The manual bagging machinery is the cheapest option out of all available machines, with the perfect combination of automated precision and people’s expertise.

Mid-Line Roll-Bagging Machinery

The second in line is the mid-line roll-bagging machinery. This bagging machinery would cost around $15.000 to $45.000. Unlike manual bagging machinery, this device can be set to be fully automated without the intervention of people, as the footswitch can be operated in an auto-cycle mode. This innovation would make the packaging process more seamless and productive. They also provide a wide variety of roll-baggers, ranging from tabletop models to polybag matters. This machine’s extreme versatility and convenience, not to mention its array of prices that can be chosen, will deliver quality packaging tailored for your needs. 

Fully Automatic Baggers with Counting System

The third and final in line is the fully automatic baggers with a counting system. This state-of-the-art bagging machine is fully automated, equipped with a bulk counting system. It combines high velocity and immaculate accuracy to produce top-tier packaging for various types of small products. As it’s fully automated, this machine uses a touchscreen interface with advanced and detailed user interface. Furthermore, this bagging machine, with all of its technology, only costs around $20.000. A bagging machine of this calibre is guaranteed to deliver exceptional packaging without any flaws insight.

In Conclusion

A bag filling machine has a few different categories and prices. However, they have in common that each of those machines will produce an undisputable high quality of packaging. Read this article, and you can choose the perfect machine for your needs.

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