City lights Electricity is one of the most important necessities for a business. Whether you use it for operating your production process, generating your store, processing orders or anything in between. It is important as business that you always have sufficient access to electricity as being without it can lead to distress or disaster, leading to a big loss of your revenue and time. As a business there are a few tips you can take onboard within your business environment to ensure you have optimum access to electricity at all times, these tips include:


Uninterruptible Power Supply Maintenance

An Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system is an electrical source proving emergency power protection to your business environment, for in the event the power is unexpectedly cut off. A UPS works to protect your electrical equipment, allowing all electronics and appliances to safety shut down within the time stored in your particular type of UPS. As a business having a UPS is extremely helpful and useful as it ensures you can safely and effectively operate from production through to sales at all times. Having a UPS system is simply not sufficient without regular checks and maintenance occurring. UPS maintenance is required accordingly to your UPS manufacturers standards to ensure optimal safety and reliability is satisfied. It can be difficult to find a reliable and professional UPS maintenance servicer, however, look no further than Northern Lights Data. Northern Lights Data are New Zealand based UPS installers specialising in data and power protection management, including UPS installation, ongoing UPS maintenance, power audits, computer room cooling and  power and data solutions.


Electrical Testing

There is nothing more important than keeping up to date with regular electrical testing in your business complex to ensure all electrical hazards threatening the business are eliminated. If an electrical hazard exists in your business, the worst possible scenario is that it burns your business and all of your stock inside, costing you and your insurance provider a lot of money while also inconveniently disrupting your business operations. Electrical hazards can be a lot more prominent than you might think, they include but are not limited to the following:

  • Electrical hazards in electrical installations
  • Overloaded electrical circuit or equipment
  • Defective DIY electrical systems
  • Lack of earthing or bonding

As a business you cannot risk the likelihood of an electrical hazard occurring along with its implications. Ensure your business is free from electrical hazards with electrical testing from Northern Lights Data, Auckland electricians. Northern Lights have 20 years of experience specialising in Industrial, Commercial and Residential Auckland electrical services. The electricians at Northern Lights will perform test and tag in Auckland, to ensure your business is free from electrical hazards occurring.


Electronic Updates & Repairs

With guaranteed electricity access provided through your UPS maintenance and regular electrical testing the only other electrical tip is in regard to your electrical devices and equipment. It is important that you don’t let faulty business computers, devices or equipment be used in your business complex, as they comprise the purpose of having a UPS or regular electricity test. Like anything electrical, your business computer and electrical equipment is likely to require regular updates and repairs to ensure your business is operating as efficiently and safely as possible. Commonly found in a business are work phones, computers, registers or anything involved during the production process, if these devices or appliances are faulty they can cause electrical damage to your whole business complex and devices plugged into electricity circuits. The Core are Auckland’s leading apple repairs specialising in iPhone repair, MacBook repair, iMac repair, iPad repair, Surface Pro repair, Windows PC repair and drone repairs. The Core can assist your with all of your work computer repairs, work iPhone repairs and with any other devices that you might use within the production of your business to ensure you can optimise your production safely and efficiently.