So, you may be interested in starting your own manufacturing business for many different reasons. After considering the technicalities and day-to-day requirements of running the business, the next question would be – what to manufacture? With tons of options out there, it may get a little overwhelming to choose just one specialisation. In this article, we hope to send some inspiration your way to make your selection process easier. 


The sugar industry has been and will continue to boom, as the demand for it keeps growing over the years. However, sugar manufacturing does depend on the natural landscape of a specific country. For example, if you’re looking to build your business in Norway, then sugar may not be its strongest asset. In Brazil or Thailand however, sugar can be the best opportunity. 


In the 18th century, the shoe was mainly made by hand. It is custom-made and mostly made with leather. Nowadays, there are so many manufacturing methods and materials to choose from. This can be an exciting venture for you to try out. 

Grape Wine Production

If you happen to have land available to you and are situated in the right region for grape growth, you can start your own wine label. Keep in mind that it can be a long process before you actually start gaining profit, as most wines require years of fermentation before they are ready to hit the shelves. 

Candle Manufacturing

If you’re located in Asia and Africa, this is an especially good area for you to venture into. Most parts of Africa and some rural parts of Asia still rely on candles as their main source of light at night. This could be a good opportunity for you to dive into. 


If you have a passion for makeup, this could be something interesting for you to explore. However, before you start mixing chemicals, find a unique selling point of your cosmetics brand, as the market is quite saturated. 

What’s Next? 

After reading the interesting facts above, you may be interested to start your own manufacturing business. If you are looking for a piece of industrial packaging equipment, industrial packaging machines, bagging machine, bag filling machine, or bulk bag filling machine, feel free to contact Aurora Process for more information.