At the start of the pandemic, employees scrambled to make working-from-home an exciting experience, but, according to Forbes, 69% of employees are actually burnout while working from home. Not all hope is lost however, as there are ways to keep employees engaged and content while working from home.

Create Various Interactive Virtual Activities

Working could be a very monotonous activity real fast, especially when you are stuck at home. This could lead to a significant decrease in productivity and employees overall happiness. Nonetheless, there is a way employers can do to prevent just that. Devise various activities that can be carried out through virtual communications. It can be anything, such as a watch party or maybe a skills class, but remember to keep it interactive. That is the key. An interactive activity can spark joy and vigor for the employees, which in result, will maintain or even increase levels of productivity and content. As stated by Forbes, Noticed, a digital commerce, optimization and marketing agency, recently brought in a comedian for their own employees which received overwhelmingly positive feedback. Those kinds of interactive activity will rejuvenate your employees.

Give Thoughtful Attention

Don’t forget that employees are human beings and not robots. They have feelings and thoughts of their own. That’s why it’s crucial for employers to treat them as humanly as possible, especially in the pandemic. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture, but a simple care package or letter of appreciation should do the trick. Tenin Terrell, founder of The Creative Suite, shared how care packages can boost employee happiness and engagement, not to mention, a great gesture that lets employees know they’re valuable and being thought of by the employers. This kind of attention will undoubtedly make your employees more engaged and loyal towards the company they are working for.

A Culture of Connections

Employers really need to take a look on this point, because it’s one of the most important aspect in employee management. It’s natural for employees to seek connection with their employers and they would want to be included in projects or activities. This is a good opportunity for the employers to create a safe space where employees can express their ideas to the higher-ups and be heard. Motivate them to take decisions on projects and don’t dismiss or undermine their ideas and thoughts. Employers can also ask their employees about their daily lives to lighten up the mood during difficult times. By doing all of this, they will feel connected with their employers. Interconnection is the answer to keep employees engaged.

In Conclusion

There many ways to keep your employees engaged and content through the pandemic. Just follow these steps to do just that.

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