Why is Having Battery Backup or UPS Necessary?


Power outage, power surge, brownouts, or any power related issues can cause serious damage to your computer or server. The interruptions may be temporary however it is not a pleasing situation; your unfinished or unsaved data may be lost, or may cause damage to essential electronics devices. To prevent these unpleasant situations from happening, many businesses install the battery backup or UPS for protection. Without having UPS or Battery backup installed, there are consequences that many businesses may encounter, here are few examples:

  • Data loss
  • Computer damage
  • Server damage
  • Unable to maintain the reliability of critical equipment


Most of the time, battery backup and UPS are called for the same terms, but how are they different from each other?

What is Battery Backup?

Battery backup is a box device that is connected to computers or laptops to handle power related issues such as power surges, brownouts, or blackouts. Once the surges or outages occur, the battery backup comes in handy. It provides backup power instantly to your computer, enables you to continue to save your work properly and gives temporary backup battery until the electricity is back. 


 What is UPS ?

Similar to Battery Backup, UPS or uninterrupted power supply is a device that enables your computers to run continuously even when there is an interruption with the primary source of power. Additionally, UPS can also protect computers from power surges. 


UPS is more sophisticated than the battery backup in terms of how they function with power. Since the battery backup only stands by and prepares to switch to battery backup power during  power surges or power outages. A true UPS makes the transition between the interruption from primary source of power to a secondary power source, for example the generator in order to keep them running longer. This gives users an optimal amount of time to save their work before the computer shuts down. When the power surge occurs, UPS are able to filter down and reduce the impact from surges, preventing the computer from being affected and damaged. 


Because of their functions, UPS provides reliable and consistent power supply, and protection from power surge as well as being able to filter the voltage to your devices to minimize the damage that may happen from power issues. Generally, the price of an efficient power protection device like UPS is higher than the regular battery backup and is recommended for technical devices or equipment that have to rely on dependable power sources to protect their hardware, server, or data. 

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